Relic finishes are my specialty. Examples shown are what is usually termed a "heavy relic", or an old guitar that's been played in smoke-filled bars, battered, spilled on, touched-up badly in spots, faded in odd ways (in one case we went back in time and found that the yellow pigment used in the coating was a bad batch and went "fugitive", leaving a red tinge).

front complete #2
I also match all wear to the player's specific body, strap length and other little details I don't disclose - but that "personalize" each one. The actual process takes about 10 days, and I apply only certain colors - as examples, I work on sunbursts or transparent blondes only with a VERY clear waiver signed by you that states you understand my work is "art", not "counterfeiting". It avoids the inevitable hassle with some friend or internet critic stating "it's not right, a(fill in the date) guitar looks like (fill in with a bunch of opinionated crap usually based on a picture in a magazine). In most cases I'd rather the owner tell me generally the color they want and I'll make up my own "original" color that was never offered by the original manufacturer. It's hard for the "Vintage Police" to argue about something that doesn't exist.

I'll also do unusual finishes on request - these are just a few examples: Contact me for more information. I do not take work in directly except in unusual circumstances (extreme urgency or problem jobs messed up by someone else - so I WILL help you if you are in L.A. and have an emergency), so normally I will provide you with contacts who can set up finishing jobs for you (and if possible I *may* do them). I’ll answer all the questions I can but work I do is primarily for friends and bandmates.

Walt - top done 8-19-11