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Think about these two statements and the following 2 sentences for a bit:

  • A REALLY good player can stun a listener with ONE note.
  • A “Guitar God” can often be recognized by a listener who hears 4 or 5 notes.
The secret - there IS no secret! Fancy licks, fast playing, micro-managing what alloy is used in the screws holding your bridge in place and endless “looping-and-copying” your favorite guitarist’s best-known solos won’t make you a player that stands out from the crowd.
It’s not his brand of guitar cable. It’s not his guitar - he’ll hit you with the same “stun” effect playing a Les Paul or a Teisco. And those few notes could be played on ANY brand with ANY pickups. Let’s work backwards - the second thing…the recognition…is “style”. We’ll get into that later. But it’s NOT tone. As for the first - ONE good note, well played with good tone, can rip your heart out. And that, gang, is what we’re gonna go find.
This site is here to debunk stupid ideas, squash rumors, give you straight talk about HOW to get good tone…whatever that is to YOU….and mostly deal with getting the best sound out of your equipment, simple playing tips that will improve your sound, weird applications for items you wouldn’t normal think of (ever try putting a mic and amp on opposite sides of a slow…or fast…moving electric fan?) and whatever bizarre stuff I think of at the time. The history of electric guitars and amps you can find all over the internet and in books (see links and references page - to be added as the site grows).

I’ll focus on simple playing techniques, guitar setup, equipment, tubes, tone vs volume, “too much amp syndrome”, technique vs “style” and other related subjects, plus:
  • B-benders and other single-string pitch changing gadgets (Evans, Higgins, Parsons-White, Parsons-Green, Glaser, B&W, Bores, Hipshot and others).
  • Finishing work, especially “relic” finishes. I’ve been in the paint industry for 35 years and have tricks that may surprise you.
  • Fender’s cable-pull pedal steels. I also run a Fender Steel website but am one of the few players not 100% country. Here it’s gloves off!
  • Vintage (and modern) instrument/amp modifications…and ramifications. I’ll try to clarify “reversible” mods and will advise anyone who has had a mod recommended.
  • Picks - most players buy “a medium” or a “dozen thins” or whatever. But that little hunk ‘o stuff is your lifeline if you use one (or more).
  • There will (obviously) be details to follow - we're just getting started!

Here are 3 different guitars. Each has a distinctive tone. And rather than me explaining why, I’m interested in hearing your feedback, so hit the “contact me” link and send me your thoughts (if you don’t want your name used let me know and I will make sure to make your comment “anonymous”.

1964 Vibroverb & Nashville Westhelium StratWalt - danocaster top